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The mission is simple, use the synergy formed from a collective approach to meet and exceed client expectations.

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"There are no words to describe I way I feel about Troy Hinds. My mother lived in Santa Cruz and past away in May. I live two hours away. Troy took care of everything, and I mean everything, for me. Recommended a great estate lawyer and between the two of them, mostly Troy, they took care of everything for me. He even helped with finding a good home for all moms furniture. Troy was constantly in contact with me, letting me know what needed to be done with the house. I could not have done it without his help, and I will be for ever grateful to him. You will not be disappointed with Troy, he is a keeper!"

  • Ellen B. | 8/21/2019

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"Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”?—?Albert Schweitzer Wow … this quote is ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON as it epitomizes my recent experience in purchasing a Second Home in Santa Cruz. Here is how my experience unfolded…

My middle daughter happened to see a home listing in Scotts Valley that from all appearances seemed to be The Home that could be The One. She asked if I would look into the listing on her behalf and find out if it possible to visit the property. I contacted the Listing Agent, TROY HINDS, and informed him of my daughter’s interest in the property. He was gracious, knowledgeable and more importantly, extremely honest in giving me all the pertinent aspects of the home … both positive, as well as potential negative areas that might be a concern for my daughter. My daughter visited the listing and surmised this beautiful home would not in fact be The One as the areas of concern happened to be the areas that Troy had shared with me (I had not shared as I wanted her to see for herself).

I found Troy’s honesty, integrity, as well as knowledge in the Real Estate arena to be a valuable commodity for me in a realtor to assist me in finding a potential investment property. To add wealth to his experience, I found out Troy comes from a family that have been lifetime members in the construction business, which in itself is an invaluable asset when looking at all the aspects of a potential property!! Troy worked tirelessly to assist me in finding the right property. There were many times I’d send him a few listings to visit and he would research the ++ and -- , and similar to what he did on my daughter’s behalf … He would take me out to see it for myself and let me make the final decision. I valued his opinion and his advice AND loved the fact it ALWAYS felt he had my best interest at heart and not primarily The Sale.

When Troy and I finally found The One … there were many glitches along the way that Troy was able to trouble shoot and problem solve. I have to admit I was at my wits end and was ready to throw in the towel, but his calming demeanor and fierce determination would always convey ‘it would all work out’ helped to quieten my frustrations. Troy Hinds … I am grateful for your time and patience and will definitely use your services again … You Rock!!!"

  • OLIVIA G. | 4/5/2019

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“Troy is a congenial, yet tenacious realtor with a great sense of humor and vision. We followed his suggestions on selling a property that was in less than desirable condition and location. He had a buyer for us almost immediately and then he found a diamond in the rough for us to purchase with so much more value and potential. He has an amazing eye for what properties can be. He also takes great care and personally invests himself in bringing people opportunity whether it be a home or an investment property. We would not use any other realtor.”

  • LORI S. | 2/27/2019

"Before meeting Troy, my husband and I had spent the last two years passively looking to buy in Santa Cruz County. We were unsure of where exactly we'd be willing to relocate, what type of home we were looking to buy, and what we could even afford. Overall, I was feeling pretty unexcited about the whole process and was pretty sure I would have to give up my dream of buying and living in Scotts Valley. Then we met Troy and it all changed. He listened to everything we were hoping to find, what our budget was, and what our non-negotiables were; and debunked quite a few assumptions we had made about the market and our buying status and position. The information he shared and encouragement he gave, sparked an excitement in us for the whole home buying process.

He was so good about accommodating our schedules and adapting to some of our changing and evolving home preferences along the way. Really, Troy’s work ethic is like no other. He hustled for us - making showings happen after we were off work, sending us listings that he thought we might like, and being a super communicator through the whole process. And a huge bonus - he genuinely was happy to do so!

Lastly, Troy just knows what he’s doing. He gave us such great advice when putting in our offer and during negotiations. Really that whole process couldn’t have gone any smoother. And spoiler, we bought a beautiful home in our dream location of Scotts Valley - something I never believed could happen for us! We really can’t say enough great things about Troy Hinds. We are ABSOLUTELY recommending him to anyone buying or selling!"

  • RACHEL E. | 11/02/2018

“Troy found us a buyer for a property that had several challenges.  He helped guide us in the improvements we made and managed vendors and inspections in preparation for marketing our property.  He is creative, personable and hard working.  We are re-investing into another property and he has been searching for just the right tenant to fit this new property, as he manages the buying process.  His knowledge, encouragement and solutions for the various challenges that are inevitable with real estate transactions have been top notch in throughout this entire venture.”

  • Lori S. | 9/18/2018

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“My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Troy. We felt like we had his full attention and he knew how desperately we needed new home for us and our little baby. Troy worked tirelessly writing offers and showing us multiple properties all over Santa Cruz. We have purchased our dream home thanks to Troy’s dedication and hard work.”

  • Nadia & jared | 9/7/2018

“We can't recommend Troy enough. He is a rock star! He listened to us closely to understand what was important in terms of location and schools, and, given extremely tight budgets, difficulties in getting qualified for a loan, and finding a place that we could get into to make our first home on extremely tight resources was something we thought just wasn't possible.  We didn't think we could ever buy something in the Santa Cruz area that we could afford but with his community connections, strong local market knowledge and resourcefulness he found an affordable home with potential, got us qualified all through the first time scary loan process, solved all the closing hurdles and got our offer accepted despite multiple offers presented to the buyer.  Even if you think you cannot afford a first-time home, or looking for other real estate, don't hesitate to give Troy a call. He will go the extra mile and uncover the possibilities in your price.”

  • EriN C. | 7/25/2018

“From start to finish Troy showed that he is the consummate pro. We began our search for homes with Troy after he procured an awesome home for our daughter and her husband near our home in Watsonville. Troy was always available, diligent in researching options for us and assisting us with writing offers. Troy found us a property that met our search criteria and negotiated us an awesome deal. His attention to detail and tenacious approach to his craft are a testimony to his commitment to his clients. I would highly recommend troy to anyone looking for a home for sale or selling their property.”

  • Charlie & Debbie | 7/08/2018

“I am a first-time seller. Troy made the process very enjoyable. He walked me through every step of the process. He totally exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him any time.”

  • Sue N. | 6/19/2018

“Even with such a competitive market, and multiple offers in, Troy was able to help us buy our dream property despite our offer not being the highest or the best offer. Troy is everything you are looking for in a realtor. He really goes above and beyond for his clients, and both my husband and I would highly recommend him!”

Ashley & Chris | 2/27/2018

“I have purchased a couple dozen properties in Santa Cruz and other California. I have now done 3 deals with Troy. Each one he found for us. These three deals were the most complicated of any deals we’ve ever done. All unforeseen issues by both buyer and seller. I’ve worked with some great agents. Troy blew away every other great experience I have had thus far. He was the most detailed and maintained well the highest level of communication I have experienced. I can say for certain that this deal would have fallen apart had it not been for Troy. We are blessed to have been able to close on it and look forward to future deals that Troy will bring us. I also have to say he has an amazing team behind him as well that assisted us through the entire process”

  • Monica & Michael | 2/26/2018

“Troy Hinds worked very hard to understand who we were as buyers to find the home that was right for us in this difficult market. Troy enthusiastically searched the market to provide us a wide range of options as soon, or before, they came to market. He provided timely key information and assistance at every step of the process. I fully recommend him to anybody.”

  • Eric N. | 10/26/2017

“Troy, I cannot thank you and your team enough for your kindness and willingness to help teach & show me the ways of the pros. God definitely has blessed this whole transaction and my prayer right now is that he continues to bless you 20-fold.

The home buying process, when looked at head on, can scare people out of even entertaining the thought of looking at homes for sale let alone making an offer. You have SMASHED that stigma for my wife and I with your EXCELLENT attitude and professional posture towards us through this whole process, start to finish!

I hope to do many many deals with your team. Please let me know if you ever have any property management/rental questions or need rent comps. Here to help and thank you AGAIN FOR YOUR HARD WORK!”

  • Toby, Kelsey and Rufus | 10/19/2017